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Oral surgery and wisdom teeth removal

Although it sounds frightening, oral surgery can often be carried out quickly and easily. Our oral surgeons are highly skilled and expertly trained to carry out all oral surgery procedures safely and gently. Our team fully understand that the thought of undergoing an oral surgical procedure can be incredibly worrying. Therefore, we always take the time to discuss the procedure with you, including your pain relief and sedation options, and make your wellbeing a priority.


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What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery includes the diagnoses and treatment of diseases of the mouth, teeth and jaws. At Angle House our oral surgeons are highly skilled and expertly trained to carry out all oral surgery procedures safely and gently under local anesthetic, with or without sedation.

Oral surgery procedures are carried out gently and quickly using local anesthetic here at Angle House Specialist Dentistry.

Oral surgery

Do I need oral surgery?

If you suffer from or require any of the following procedures, you could benefit from having oral surgery.

  • Routine dental extractions: Removing a tooth is often a last resort when it comes to dental care but for some patients there is simply no option but to have a tooth, or teeth, extracted in order to achieve the smile and healthy teeth they are hoping for. If we identify that you need a routine dental extraction we will refer you to our specialist oral surgeon.
  • Complex extractions: Unfortunately not all tooth extractions are simple. If some of your teeth present with special or more complex issues, or if a previous extraction has failed, then we may recommend oral surgery to ensure the complex extraction is done with the level of expertise and precision required.

Oral surgery

  • Extraction of wisdom teeth: If the time has come for you to have your wisdom teeth removed (although not every patient needs to) or your wisdom teeth have become impacted, a specialist oral surgeon will be able to remove these teeth with a simple procedure under local anaesthetic.
  • Retained roots and unerupted teeth: Sometimes when a tooth does not grow as it should, or the root of a tooth is fractured or buried, help may be required from a specialist oral surgeon to assist with surgical exposure of the tooth or to remove the root.
  • Soft tissue surgery: If you have a prominent fraenum, this may cause a gap between teeth or make it more difficult to maintain excellent oral hygiene. Oral surgery can be beneficial in removing this. This procedure is called a fraenectomy.

Oral surgery

Oral surgery at Angle House Specialist Dentistry

We provide oral surgery within our state-of-the-art modern facilities. Our oral surgeons can use 3D imaging to ensure that your surgery is carried out precisely and safely.

Our oral surgeons and their teams are highly skilled and experienced in dealing with patients who are nervous or anxious about treatment. We can offer sedation if required. You will receive excellent clinical care and follow-up.

Oral surgery

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Oral surgery