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Tooth Wear

Restore your smile and protect it for the future

Tooth wear is a surprisingly common occurrence, with up to three-quarters of the population suffering from symptoms. Despite being irreversible, worn teeth are completely treatable. With our top-quality treatment options, Angle House Specialist Dentistry will have you wearing a full and beautiful smile once again.

Am I suffering from tooth wear?

When your teeth begin to wear, increased tooth sensitivity is often the first sign. The appearance of your teeth can also start to look rough or chipped. It’s important to move quickly once you begin to notice these symptoms as teeth can drastically change in shape and appearance if left untreated.

Teeth wear

What can cause my teeth to wear?

In most cases, the main contributors to tooth wear are acidity and long term wear and tear. Acidity can be attributed to your diet (juices, energy drinks and soft drinks), reflux and/or dehydration. Most of the physical wear to the teeth is usually caused by clenching, grinding or eating hard foods. Ironically, brushing your teeth too aggressively, or with a brush that is too hard for your teeth, can also cause excessive tooth wear.

Teeth wear

How we can treat you?

Treatment options vary widely according to the patient and the level of wear to their teeth. When you visit us, we perform a thorough inspection of the condition of your teeth, including a smile analysis, and assess the best options for you. Some treatment options include white bonded fillings, porcelain veneers or crowns.

Teeth wear

Getting started

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Teeth wear