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Missing Teeth

A beautiful smile through all life’s mishaps

With one in twenty people missing at least one tooth, it’s no surprise that there are such effective treatment solutions available for tooth replacement. If you have a missing tooth that you’d like to have addressed, Angle House Specialist Dentistry can help you.

Causes of lost teeth

While an unfortunate fall or sports injury is a leading cause for traumatic tooth loss, congenital tooth loss can be just as common - a lot of people simply don’t have all their permanent teeth come through. Regardless of the reason for your tooth (or teeth) missing, having a gap in your smile can cause the teeth around it to move out of place - this is why it’s important to seek treatment as soon as you can.

Missing Teeth

What treatment options are available?

In order to correct and fill the void of a missing tooth, orthodontic and prosthodontic treatment will be required. When you visit our clinic, we will perform a full assessment including a smile analysis to create a treatment plan specific to your needs - some treatment options may include white fillings, bridges, removable dentures and implants.

Missing Teeth

Want to find out more?

If you want to learn more about your options for filling in your smile, book in to speak to our dentists today.

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Missing Teeth