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Restore your teeth back to full health with our discreet fillings.

From an early age, the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene routine is drilled into us and for good reason. If we don’t brush and floss our teeth daily, then cavities will develop leading to the need for fillings. Besides decay, cavities may develop due to excessive wear.

What are fillings?

To restore the defect and protect the tooth you may require a filling. Fillings do exactly what their name says; they fill in a hole in your tooth with safe dental material. The hole in your tooth is what is known as a cavity and is caused by plaque and bacteria. If you don’t brush your teeth and the plaque and bacteria build up, your tooth can start to decay, resulting in a hole or cavity.

Fillings help stop decay from spreading by filling in the hole in your tooth. This enables you to retain your tooth, rather than needing to have it extracted. At Angle House Specialist Dentistry, we usually provide two types of fillings:

  • Tooth-coloured: These are becoming more popular as they blend with the existing tooth, are more discreet and look more natural. Tooth-coloured fillings are also bonded to front teeth to improve their appearance if they are worn or broken.
  • Silver-coloured: Occasionally metal fillings may be better suited, especially in larger cavities on back teeth.


When are fillings required?

Not only are we told to maintain a good tooth brushing routine, it is also recommended we have regular check-ups with our dentist. During these check-ups, the dentist will check each tooth for signs of decay, identifying any plaque or bacteria build up where a filling may be required. If your dentist notices a cavity developing in a tooth, he or she may recommend a filling.

Another sign that you may have a cavity is toothache, however this usually means that the cavity is quite large! A cavity is an infection caused by bacteria so it will become sore. If you have toothache, contact the team at Angle House Specialist Dentistry today so we can undertake a full assessment and let you know what treatment you may require.


How long do fillings last?

The average life expectancy of a tooth filling all depends on your oral hygiene practices and how well you look after your teeth. Whilst fillings last a long time, none of the materials used in fillings last forever. Assuming that the tooth surrounding the filling remains healthy, and the filling itself is not large, you can expect your filling to last for a number of years.

Regular dental examinations are important to detect any problems with existing fillings in early stages. Although you may not be able to tell if your filling is worn, a dentist can identify any weakness in it during regular check-ups.

If you need a filling or would like one of our specialist dental professionals to check your teeth, book a consultation with our friendly team at Angle House Specialist Dentistry today.

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