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Dental treatment costs

At Angle House Specialist Dentistry, we are committed to providing our patients with excellent dental treatment at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of restorative and specialist treatments at competitive prices across our London practices.

Specialist restorative and prosthodontic treatment price list

Treatment Cost
New patient consultation £150
Hygiene visit £70 for 45 minutes
Conebeam CT scan From £100
Implants From £2,900
Bridges From £1,200
Crowns/ Onlays From £850
Fillings (tooth coloured / amalgam) From £180
Teeth whitening From £295
Dentures From £1,250
Full diagnostic work up for complex cases From £750

Oral surgery price list

Treatment Cost
Consultation £75
Radiographs (per x-ray) £50
Simple Extraction £150
Wisdom Teeth (depending on complexity) From £250
Surgical Removal of teeth or roots From £200
Fraenectomy (per arch) £150
Apicectomy (Incisors & Canines) From £300 (per tooth)
Apicectomy (Premolars) From £400 (per tooth)
Orthodontic Exposure From £300

Endodontics price list

Treatment Cost
Consultation £75
Molar £800
Premolar £700
Incisor £600
Restorability assessment £250
Root canal re-treatment £100
Post removal £100
Apical surgery £850

Periodontics price list

Treatment Cost
Periodontal consultation with a consultant periodontist £150
Non-surgical periodontal therapy (root surface debridement) £300 per session
Hygiene visit (oral hygiene instructions and full mouth debridement) £100
Periodontal reassessment and further treatment planning £100